Maximizing the potential of your bakery business with Invoq Bake oven


Do you know that by having a powerful and reliable work partner, like the Invoq Bake oven, your bakery business can be extended from baking pastries to also serving take away hot meals or speciality snacks?

We will showcase the exceptional features of the Invoq Bake oven. By utilising these features, you can guarantee consistent baking performance and achieve an evenly baked texture every time. Additionally, you will discover the vast potential of the Invoq Bake oven in expanding your bakery business. 

  • Even Baking - constant baking result is guaranteed
  • ClimateControl - the optimum baking environment
  • MultiRack
  • QSR - keeps food quality consistent no matter who’s cooking
  • CookTimeCorrection
  • FoodSafety HACCP
  • MenuPlanner – makes all users successful

 Join us to learn how to take advantage of these unparalleled capabilities.