Healthy Invoq Bake: where tasty meets wholesome in every bite


Join us for a health-focused baking extravaganza with Invoq ovens

Discover the art of wholesome baking with our upcoming webinar, where we'll showcase the incredible capabilities of the Invoq oven. Whether you're a seasoned baker or just starting, this event is packed with insights and live demonstrations that will inspire and elevate your baking game to new heights.


👩‍🍳 What's baking?

Ryebread Revolution: Learn the secrets behind crafting the perfect, hearty sourdough ryebread using the advanced features of Invoq ovens.

Paleo Pleasures: Explore the world of Nordic Stone Age Bread (Paleo) – a gluten-free, nutrient-rich delight that's both delicious and wholesome.

Granola Bars Galore: Elevate your snack game with homemade granola bars! We'll guide you through a simple and healthy recipe that's perfect for any snack sale. 


🌐 Why Invoq ovens?

Discover how Invoq Ovens can transform your baking experience with precision and ease. From intelligent temperature control to user-friendly interfaces, these ovens are designed to make your baking journey seamless and enjoyable.